SM-T900 and T905 show up in shipping, yet another Samsung tablet in the making?

We recently confirmed that Samsung would be launching at least four new tablets in the first quarter of 2014, but the appearance on a new unknown model in Indian import site Zauba’s database suggests there might be yet another tablet on the horizon. Two models – SM-T900 and SM-T905 (Wi-Fi and LTE variants) – were shipped to India recently for testing, and the Rs. 34,608 (~ $560) price tag mean we’re looking at a high-end slate. There’s no telling what tablet it is, though if we compare the model number to the rumored 12.2-inch Galaxy Note’s (SM-P900), there’s a possibility the SM-T900/T905 could be the 13.3-inch slate that Samsung is reportedly working on.

Or, it could be the rumored Galaxy Tab 2014 Edition that will supposedly run both Android and Windows, but as always, nothing is certain until we get more details. We’re always trying to get more info from our insiders, and we’ll be sure to let you guys know all that we find out about Samsung’s numerous upcoming tablets.



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