Some Galaxy S5 models to come with LDS antenna technology (antennas built into rear plate)

What, you didn’t think all the talk about the Galaxy S5 was going to die out too soon, were you? A new report published by the Korean media says Samsung is planning on implementing LDS antenna technology on “some” Galaxy S5 models – in layman terms, this means the needed antennas will be molded directly into the rear plate of the device, that which resides between the internal circuitry and the battery.

You’re probably thinking why the report mentions “some Galaxy S5 models.” Well, we’re not sure either, but it could mean the rumors about two variants of the S5 being made are true, and the LDS technology will be used in the variant which uses plastic instead of metal, with the latter reserved only for the higher-end variant. LDS technology is already implemented in the Galaxy Note 3, and allows a device to be thinner and results in a more effective manufacturing process (while also making the antennas more vulnerable to external damage.)

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