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Samsung working on portable fitness accessory called the Samsung Sport

The Galaxy S4 was the first Samsung device that had a focus on health-related features, and the Galaxy Gear also comes with a pedometer to help users track various physical parameters. It was rumored that the company is working on numerous wearable devices, and it looks like a portable fitness accessory could be one of them – Samsung has applied to the USPTO to trademark the brand name Samsung Sport, and the description mentions functionality such as monitoring parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, steps taken, the amount of calories burned, and more.

The Samsung Sport will also be able to measure, collect, and track data about sleep patterns, similar to Nike’s FuelBand SE, a popular fitness accessory for iOS that Samsung’s Sport will go up against, but hopefully with the option to pair with many more devices than is possible with the FuelBand. As always, a trademark application doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see an actual product, but for those fitness freaks out there, the Samsung Sport might be something to look out for.



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