Tizen 3.0 to be unveiled on November 11 in developer conference in Seoul

The first Tizen phone might not be anywhere near a market launch, but Samsung does keep working on the OS itself, constantly improving and adding new features. We recently saw images of Tizen 3.0 running on a Galaxy S3, and now it’s been confirmed that Samsung will be officially showing off the latest version of its OS at the upcoming developer conference in Seoul.

Tizen 3.0 is expected to adopt a flat design, which is to say it will be taking a lot of design cues from Windows Phone, and of course Samsung’s TouchWiz, which is found on every Android phone made by the manufacturer. We expect Samsung will also show off the OS at the developer conference in London the next week after that, and we’ll have someone live on the ground to bring you all the coverage.



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I strongly feel, the fate of Tizen is not different from Bada. Any OS development by Samsung cannot be trusted. There was big hype during the launch of Bada. Many even said it is going to beat IOS. Following them I had also bought a Bada device. But unfortunately even today none of my friends know what is “Bada”. I persume the same is going to happen with Tizen.

To my knowledge Samsung knows to play gimmicks with the devices and its configurations. Once Nokia was master in that. Now we all know its pathetic condition.


Tizen reached version 3.0 and no sign of any device, I think sammy really don’t want to make bada mistake again, so i guess Tizen will be able to compete Android and iOS during launch