Samsung market share increased in China despite strong competition from local manufacturers

China is the world’s largest smartphone market today, and things there work a lot differently than in other markets. Numerous local manufacturers in China offer consumers low-cost, high value devices, which makes it difficult for global manufacturers to sell too many smartphones in the country, at least not as much as they’re able to in other countries. But for Samsung, that doesn’t seem to be proving to be much of a problem, as it looks to make its mark in the Chinese market.

Samsung has announced at its Analyst Day event that its market share in China has gone up to 21 percent, from 14 percent in Q3 2012, shipping nearly 19 million smartphones in Q3 this year, leaving all local and global competition far behind. Lenovo came in second, with 13 percent of the market, so Samsung has quite the lead today, which should instill faith in investors about the company’s current performance. That doesn’t mean it will be okay for Samsung to take it easy in the future, but for now, things seem pretty rosy for the Korean manufacturer.


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