Report: Samsung ready to mass produce curved batteries

The Galaxy Note 3 comes with a 3,200mAh battery. The Galaxy Round, which has exactly the same specs as the Note 3 except for the lack of stylus support, comes with a 2,800mAh battery. Why? Well, because while the Galaxy Round is curved, its battery is flat and straight like standard batteries, only elongated so it can fit underneath the back cover. This is in stark contrast to LG – its curved smartphone, the G Flex, comes with a battery capacity of 3,500mAh, considerably more than the Round’s, thanks to the use of a curved battery.

Now, Samsung might be ready to produce curved/warped batteries as well, according to the Korean media, which means we’ll likely see a larger battery inside the company’s second-generation curved smartphone. The Galaxy Round’s curved display has already been said to be more than just a gimmick, and here’s hoping the battery capacity isn’t a negative point on the spec list of its successors.

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They should use the same batteries as the S4 as these tend to warp on there own lol 🙂