International Galaxy Note 3 gets a stability update

Samsung has started rolling out a new software update for its international Snapdragon 800 Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005). The UDMJ6 is a stability update available to Galaxy Note 3 users over-the-air and it brings in some performance improvements including a confirmation on the Reactivation Lock feature which will now be turned off by default.

Reactivation Lock is a feature implemented by Samsung to thwart attempts for an unsolicited factory reset. In case, a factory reset happens from the Android recovery, the device detects and asks for the Samsung account details to proceed. It’s a handy feature if you ask us and if you haven’t activated, you can manually activate it by going to Settings > General > Security.

Some of the other improvements in the new software update include a paintjob for Samsung’s stock keyboard and some fixes like reactivating one-handed windowed mode and direct pen input after starting Pebble’s accessibility service.




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Mahmoud Shaltout
Mahmoud Shaltout

I have Samsung note 3 (SM-N9005) bought from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and being used at Egypt, after making update to android 4.4.2 KITKAT, my mobile starts a restart loop cycle and I can’t start it. I had make a hard reset but nothing happen, it still have the same problem. I also try adding a firmware through ODIN but after successfully installing it, it returns to the same status “restart loop”. I can’t make any thing on the mobile and I don’t know what can I do

please advice what can I do.

Thanks in advance


mostly it happens to saudi arabian mobiles as it shows roaming. so try to install egypt sim. in addition to that. you need to flash the software and install the firmware again.

if that doesnt fix . there is an app which put memory dump in your system and try to find that app on android play store . once install try to fill your memory 4 to 5 times. and thats it . after that it wont happen. 🙂

thats as per my knowledge.


this update only to n9000 model.


Waiting for SamMobile for the download file to flash!