Samsung Lied about Galaxy Gear Compatibility?

Perhaps “lied” is a strong word, but we were told in no uncertain terms that Samsung’s “Galaxy Gear” smart watch would *only* work with the Galaxy Note 3. At least, until they pushed out compatibility to other higher end Galaxy smartphones.

Contrary to this, however, XDA Developers member ‘clifford’ discovered that he was able to successfully install the Galaxy Gear Manager .apk on his HTC One running omj ROM (on Android 4.1.2) with close-tofull functionality: only SVoice doesn’t seem to work.

CliffordXDA Galaxy Gear Compatibility

“…everything is working fine. I can send a receive calls with no problem. I’m gonna try to install svoice today and see what happens”


XDA user “gidi” suggests that it does not work with a stock HTC One (4.2.2), giving a “validation check failed” error message. What’s going on here? Has Samsung lied to customers about the Galaxy Gear’s compatibility to boost sales of the Note 3? If you have any non-Samsung or older-Samsung devices and a Galaxy Gear, let us know if you can sync them up!


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