Limited Edition Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display coming next month?

The LCD variant of the Galaxy Note 3 isn’t the only variant making the rounds in the rumor mill today – a separate report published by the Korean media is suggesting that the oft-rumored Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible display could be making its way to market next month, before the LCD model. It will reportedly be produced in limited quantities, something everyone was already expecting considering flexibly display tech is still in its infancy.

Samsung and LG have been rumored to be fighting it out to become the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone with a flexible display. LG was supposed to get the upper hand with the Vu 3 that was announced today, but a flexible display didn’t turn out to be one of its features. That means the competition is still hot and the winning spot is still ripe for the taking.

The report also falls in line with a previous rumor that Samsung would bring flexible displays to market in November; Samsung even started a competition asking third-parties to submit business ideas for flexible displays, so it will be interesting to see whether Samsung announces anything in the next couple of months.

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