Indian retailers Flipkart and Saholic have the Galaxy Note 3 up for pre-order

Soon after Samsung put up the Galaxy Note 3 for pre-order in India, retailers Flipkart and Saholic have also started taking pre-orders for the device. Both of them have the same price as Samsung for now, Rs. 49,900, though unlike Samsung, these retailers will allow you to cancel your order if you choose to do so, instead of taking Rs. 2,000 away from you whether or not you want the device after placing an order.

Saholic also seems to be listing the pink color variant of the device that hasn’t been announced by carriers and retailers anywhere yet, though it’s possible it’s only tentative. The delivery date is set at October 8th on Saholic, while Flipkart – who is only offering the black and white variants – is just listing an estimated release date, though delivery times shouldn’t differ much between the two.


Hit the links below to pre-order the Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy Note 3: Flipkart | Saholic

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