Samsung’s Tizen-powered TVs could launch in 2014

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Samsung hasn’t been shy of making clear its intentions of seeing Tizen run on a variety of electronic products (mobiles, cars, banks, etc), and now the company’s CEO has said that the first Tizen-powered Samsung TVs could hit market as soon as next year. A Samsung spokesman told CNET that the company is “considering providing a TV based on Tizen OS, but detailed information including availability will be determined by market conditions.”

As Samsung is gearing up to sell Tizen-based smartphones, connecting those with Tizen-based TVs will naturally be one of the first things Samsung has in mind, as it looks to create its own ecosystem of products, reducing its dependence on Android and Google. “Tizen is going to be used on some of our smartphones just like on our TVs and on home appliances,” Boo-Keun Yoon, co-CEO of Samsung and head of the consumer electronics business, told Die Welt. “This way we create an ecosystem in which we are able to connect all Samsung devices.”


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