Galaxy Note III display frame compared with Note II’s

Yesterday, images showing off the display frame of the Galaxy Note III cropped up online, revealing screen size and other dimensions of the display. It was said that the Note III won’t be much bigger than the Note II, and now an image comparing the display frames of the two devices side by side backs up that claim. The image has been manually constructed, but it does give us a good idea of the differences and similarities between the two devices.

As you can see, the new Note’s display frame seems to be just a tad taller than the Note II’s, but when it comes to the width, both seem to be the same. Samsung has achieved this by reducing the bezel around the display to just 2.2mm, so handling the next-generation Note should be similar to the Note II (no, you still won’t be able to drag down that status bar in one-hand usage).


Well, provided that display frame in the images really does belong to the Galaxy Note III. It most likely does, but better to be skeptical until official confirmation comes along.


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