Samsung announces curved OLED TV for Europe

Samsung has now announced the sales of its Curved OLED TV for the European region. In addition to South Korea and USA, countries like Germany, England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy will receive Samsung’s flagship TV in the coming weeks. Samsung has also kicked off some marketing initiatives for Europe and will showcase the TV in Samsung Branded Store in Frankfurt, Germany and Vienna Albertina Muesem in Austria.

Samsung also gave away the first Curved OLED TV in Europe to FC Bayern Munich on the eve of 50th anniversary of German football league ‘Bundesliga’.

The Curved OLED TV boasts impressive picture quality with good colour reproduction and deep blacks. The TV supports 1080p Full HD resolution, 3D support, Smart Hub, MultiView, Evolution Kit and ‘Timeless Arena’ design where the display is placed in a frame, thus giving a floating dipslay-like effect.

The Curved OLED TV will sell for 7,999 euros.


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As for the quite ridiculous post of MartinR in the last TV topic, quoting:

As we do not wanted to create a whole new site. And we like Samsung display much we thought we would write about this under a new catagorie namely TV.

BTW if you react like this one more time you will see actions for this rude behaviour.

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Rude? I wrote about this several times, and there was no answer, looks like one needs CAPS to get somebody answer it.

Many people are reacting more extreme, so please, save your “actions” for yourself, you’re not scaring anyone, and if you want to do anything for telling the truth, go ahead hypocrite.

To the point tho:
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Especially the explanation is on kindergarten level – “we do not wanted to create a new site, but we like [smth]” – really?

I’ve got an advice for you – start writing about Samsung laptops, memory – or, why the hell not – fridges, washing machines… and basically everything they produce or sell – won’t even bother to start.

Or, to go further, write about other things you like – probably everyone likes beer, so write about beer…

Seriously, the name of the site and the graphic shown as the logo tells people it’s a site all around Samsung MOBILE. TV is far from being mobile. That’s the point.

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You can get a pretty decent BMW or Mercedes for that price!

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