Samsung gains tablet market share in China at Apple’s expense

The Chinese seem to be losing interest in Apple products across the board, as after reports of the iPhone losing its sheen in the country, a new report says the same is the case for Apple’s iPad, which has seen dwindling market share with a drop from 49 percent to just 28 percent over the last year. Meanwhile, Samsung gained a 11 percent share and claimed second position, while local manufacturers took up the rest of the tablet market share.

“Apple has lost its luster in China in the past six months and is no longer the must-have product in any category,” said Shaun Rein, managing director of China Market Research Group in Shanghai. “Consumers are more price-sensitive. Before, people would skip lunch to buy an iPad.”

It looks like while Apple’s products are good, people are unwilling to pay the price premium the Cupertino company demands, which ultimately might be a problem in large smartphone markets like China and India. It’s good news for Samsung though, who despite falling revenue in China can at least claim to have a bigger and bigger pie of the market share as time goes by.


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