Tizen’s NFC functionality demoed on video, will have inbuilt NFC Tag writing app

While Apple may be staying away from NFC technology, other manufacturers and OS makers have been embracing it with open arms (for example, both Android and Windows Phone support it), and it seems Samsung might be doing the same on Tizen right from the get-go – a video showing off the NFC functionality on a Tizen 2.0 device has surfaced, indicating that some NFC features will be built into the OS as default.

The video shows an app being used for configuring NFC tags. For those unaware, NFC tags are small stickers that can be written to perform particular tasks on a smartphone when the phone is brought into contact with a tag, like enabling or disabling Wi-Fi, opening a URL, calling a telephone number, and more (find a complete description here). With Tizen, it looks like an app for NFC configuration will come pre-installed, which hints at Samsung making near-field communications an important part of its upcoming OS.

The first Tizen smartphone is expected to be launched in late October / early November. Go ahead and check out the NFC demo video below.


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