Samsung gains on Apple in U.S. smartphone market share

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According to the latest data from comScore, which regularly surveys over 30,000 mobile subscribers in the U.S., Samsung was able to increase its market share in the country from 21.7 to 23.7 percent in the last quarter, at the expense of negative growth of basically every other manufacturer that makes Android phones.

Apple still leads with a 39.9 percent share, but Samsung is slowly inching closer as its growth was higher than what Apple was able to achieve in the same period (though as the next iPhone launches, we might see that change). As for Android, well, it continued to dominate but neither lost nor gained any share, due to Apple’s gains in the hardware space.


With Samsung’s Galaxy Note III almost at the arrival gates, Samsung’s share should see a comfortable increase in the next few months, but for now the Korean manufacturer will have to play second fiddle to Apple.




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4 years 5 months ago

With no update to 4.2.2 to my galaxy S3, I think the number to go down from this shitty company trying to sell more S4 at the expense of holding up the update to the 60,000,000 plus S3 buyer,would you buy another Galaxy phone? There are choices out there,think again before you put you dough on the next smartphone.
So Samsung where the f#$# my firmware update and we are demanding it now ??????

4 years 5 months ago

Keep it up Abhijeet M! Your articles are really good!