Samsung and Google working on new Nexus 10?

The new Nexus 7 may be the Google tablet that is currently making the headlines all over the world, but it seems the company hasn’t forgotten about the not-so-successful Nexus 10 yet, as Sundar Pichai told WSJ reporter Amir Efrati that they are working with Samsung on a new Nexus 10.

Naturally, Pichai wasn’t forthcoming with any more details other than the fact that the device is in the works. Except for a newer version of Android, there’s pretty much nothing that would need upgrading in the Nexus 10 (though Samsung could put the new octa-core Exynos on it), so it could be that this newer Nexus 10 is simply the current model but with 3G/LTE connectivity, something which a lot of people have been waiting for.


It could also be used to debut Android 5.0 which is expected to be unveiled in October, just in time for the anniversary of the original 10-inch Nexus. As always, we’ll wait for further details to emerge and let you know accordingly.


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