Snapdragon 600 Galaxy Note II showed up

Is Samsung developing a new Galaxy Note II variant for China with a Snapdragon 600 chipset underneath, instead of the company’s very own Exynos chip? A leaked AnTuTu benchmark for a GT-N7108D, running on a 1.9GHz processor and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, suggests that might be the case.

With a score of 26901 points, this new variant would be even faster than the Galaxy S4, which currently reigns supreme in possibly every benchmark test out there. This new variant of the Note II is apparently headed to China Mobile with support for their TD-LTE network, which explains why Samsung is suddenly working on a Snapdragon variant of the device (Qualcomm’s chips come with an integrated LTE modem, which offers better battery life and efficiency), almost a year after the original Note II was launched.

This Snapdragon-powered Galaxy Note II has also appeared at the FCC, with the filing confirming support for the Wi-Fi 802.11ac 5GHz standard, which is currently only supported on 2013 flagships like the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One (and is expected to be the next big thing when it comes to Wi-Fi speeds.) So, while it is possible the benchmark might be a fake, the fact that a newer Galaxy Note II variant is in the works is all but confirmed.

However, the question remains: why is Samsung working on a new variant of their second-generation phablet when its successor will be making its way to the market before the end of this year, with even better specs across the board? I guess we’ll have to wait for further info to get an answer to that, though we won’t be expecting to see this faster and more powerful Galaxy Note II launch outside China.


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Bet it’s for Koreans only…Just like the Snapdragon 800 version of the Galaxy S4.


Seeing as how we EU users can’t order any of the Google devices since Google is only bringing them to Google Play’s US-only market, I think the Koreans have equal rights in keeping a device for their own.


Thing is though this hints more towards a China (CHN) model. Which is a bit odd as to why the market demands this variant since their own upcoming Oppo Find 7 (ignore the “7”, it’s the same 5″ FHD + SD800 + 4000mAh batt) and this other leaked Lenovo w/ SD800 (estimated K900 successor w/ 5.5″ FHD) also soundly beats this Note II. I mean if those specs doesn’t, the asking price will.