Samsung Switch: handy or not?

Samsung’s eco system for the most people here on SamMobile is not that good. Lots of pre-loaded applications which aren’t that useful thanks to the Google Play store. This time we tested Samsung’s last application called Samsung switch. Thanks to Samsung switch you could easily share all documentation with other people thanks to NFC. Samsung Switch is a kind of back-up specially if you received a new Samsung device.

How does it works.
Let’s say we used a Note II and we want all our gallery’s photos on our new Galaxy S4.
- Get Samsung Switch from the play store.
- Install Samsung Switch on your Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S4.
- Now use S Beam to connect both devices.
- Select on your Galaxy Note II which files you want to share.
- Hit share and wait.
- After a couple of seconds / minutes depends on files is everything on your Galaxy S4.


Now that’s what we call a good ecosystem, something that works perfectly together.
It would be great to see if Samsung update this program to the Air. It would be handy to use for non NFC owners and if you aren’t home to get all files.

Of course Android users will say, we already have this thanks to Google who backs-up all your applications, photos and contacts in the cloud. But not everyone want this in case of privacy rules.

We have to say the eco system of Samsung is getting better. And we do think Samsung’s eco system is getting handy if you use the apps by Samsung in the way Samsung think of. Sadly, Samsung’s biggest problem with Android is the Google Play store. But this could be over if Samsung brought its own Tizen devices with their same eco system.

Below is a video of using Samsung Switch (Sending files from Note II to S4)

Samsung Switch works on the following devices:
1) Work on the Galaxy S4, Galaxy SIII, Note II and Galaxy SII NFC.
2) App matching and recommendation system available on iOS devices only at launch (U.S. market only). Available on other platforms at a later date.
3) iOS 4.2.1 and higher
4) Blackberry 6.0 and higher
5) Android 2.3 and higher
6) Works with Nokia series 40 and Symbian 6.0

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3 years 11 months ago

When will it be available to non nfc SAMSUNG tablets like my tab 2?

3 years 11 months ago

“3) iOS 4.2.1 and higher”

3 years 11 months ago

Hardware support is needed. Software won’t do much without it, especially in this case…

3 years 11 months ago

Lots of pre-loaded applications which aren’t that useful thanks to the Google Play store.

I prefer the pre-loaded aps vs downloading the crap on the Google Playstore that have nothing but adwares that spies and monitors everything on your phone. Even sending and receiving data packets even though the aps isn’t in use.

Yeah, makes perfect sense to replace the original Samsung “bloatware” with the crapware you find on the Google Marketplace.

3 years 11 months ago

Try to understand… Not everything are usefull and not everything are useless, is true that the preloaded apps have some utility when one don’t want to download apps, but other apps in the store have some importance in our life. Of course, exists the option to ROOT to delete these bloatware that one don’t want in our phones, but not we can’t to blame all apps by some apps only. I have a Note II Rooted, and i have preloaded apps, play store downloaded apps, root installed apps, and APK installed apps. “The union makes the force”.

3 years 11 months ago


There a lot of useful apps, especially root ones, but one has to use his/hers brain to find and use it. Pity for the ones like above :) An example: no app in S4 to use barometer.. when on GPlay one has syPressure or PressureNet. There a lot of other examples.. in quite every category.

As for the art, I’m suprised for the ‘iOS’ part. Apple devices have no NFC as of now. Unless one uses a lame accessory, that is ;)
Also suprised a bit about the Symbian part.