Samsung Knox launch has been delayed until a ‘later date’

Samsung Knox, which was supposed to make a debut with Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4 smartphone, has been delayed until a ‘later date’. In February, Samsung announced Knox, a version of Android with a lot of security features to make Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones ideal for corporate companies and businesses. Samsung, initially, expected to launch its Knox software this spring, but now the company has officially delayed full Knox service to a “later date”.

Knox was delayed by Samsung because it still needs to get tested internally and with carriers, according to the two people working on Knox with Samsung. Samsung’s main intention with Knox was to make Android a very secure and reliable OS, as corporate companies weren’t opting for Android devices as the Android OS is less secure and more vulnerable.

“All the Knox framework components come standard on the device, with full-feature activation by solution providers and distribution channels to become available at a later date,” the company said in a statement.

source: NYT


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