Galaxy Note 8.0 soon coming in Red and Grey

Since this week you can buy the Galaxy Note 8.0 in Europe. Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8.0 at MWC in Barcelona the iPad mini rival feels very thin. Thanks to the SPEN, the Galaxy Note 8.0 is a great tablet for people who like to draw something. Some  of the other specifications include a 8.0” LCD display, 5 megapixel camera, Quad-core processor, Android 4.1.2 with Samsung’s own Touch-Wiz Nature UX interface. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi (GT-N5110) has a price tag of 399 euro.

At the moment the Galaxy Note 8.0 is only available in Ceramic White but it looks like Samsung will soon be bringing the Galaxy Note 8.0 in two new colours, Red and Grey. This information was leaked by CyberPort.de.

Our review of the Galaxy Note 8.0 will come soon!



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me gusta esta tablet por su especificaciones no por el diseño.