Leather case for Galaxy Note 2 from Issentiel

Issentiel Samsung recently likes to cultivate the image where they are the company proposing the new innovative and creative technology of the market. More than any other smart phone among those swarming the phone market these past years, one that particularly needs protection and be safe from physical damage and scratches is Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2.

First impression of the leather case from Issentiel: the presentation. The case comes in a light and well-presented box where the brand is clearly shown “Issentiel”, together with its marine turtle logo! The latter represents rarity, solidity and longevity according to them. Fair enough. Inside the box we find the case, which is nicely wrapped in a fabric pouch. We are not there yet, nor have seen the product, but we can already feel that the quality is there.

Once the case in hand, we can feel the quality of the material from the first touch and a quick glance confirms the fact that the stitches are not made industrially. Every single detail: from the presentation upon delivery, the packaging and more importantly, the product in itself has been thought out.

The big advantage, besides being able to seduce a wide variety of customers thanks to a very accurate design and style, the Galaxy Note 2 cases are available in two different collections, each with its own appeal. Concerning today’s review, the Note 2 fits perfectly into a case especially designed for it. We can feel the handcrafted finish of the cover, and it adds elegance to a Samsung phablet that does not lack any.

Luxury leather cases.. at an affordable price
If there is one point on which all mobile phone users tend to agree on is this one: newer and more technological smartphones are more fragile than their predecessors. We are way past the era of the first mobile phones and telecommunications where Nokia was almost the only actor on the market (more realistically, had such a presence that we had the impression that it was). Or where mobile phones had the exaggerated reputation of being virtually indestructible!

Partly because of its touchscreen technology and because of the multiple functions those mobile phones have nowadays, hence the name smart phone, having a case that keeps our precious phones safe is important. A major issue is nowadays that of phone longevity and users look for the best protection for their smartphones.

Issentiel – French brand for leather smart phone cases
This is where Issentiel takes a step into the big picture. An agreeable surprise when it comes to Issentiel, is that each case is specially designed for the corresponding smart phone. The french company inspires itself from the world of fashion ,which long contributed to the reputation of the city of Paris, to design elegant, cosy and classy cases for the most popular models of smartphones. What better choice to cover a smart phone than a luxury case made in genuine leather and manufactured by artisan leatherworkers throughout Europe.

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