Trying Samsung’s renewed application: Samsung Link

Together with the Galaxy S4 Samsung re-introduced a new version of Samsung Link. This application allows you to stream photo’s, video’s, notes or mp3 files to your television, tablet or computer. Because the new application was in our DUMP we could try-out the application running on our Galaxy Note II. We have to say it worked very well. Sometimes the application stopped working because of bugs but our overall score was pretty good. We tried the application by using our Samsung LED 8 series television so this was a Samsung Note II connection with a Samsung television. Samsung’s ecosystem is getting better and better. But we do understand people are blaming Samusng because of all pre-installed application.

Below a couple of screenshots.
If you want to download the SamsungLink.apk please scroll down.

Download the Samsung Link apk.

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4 years 28 days ago

not installing on galaxy nexus , says app not installed

4 years 29 days ago

Yes i want you put one file of samsung galaxy s4 to our who want to downlaod it,i really want to download it so much,please post alot of the programs of s4 like this file,post it one file one fine?i really love samsung.

4 years 29 days ago

Well I think benchmarks are kinda disappointing for an A15 quad core chip. Hopefully they will optimize it more because it should be faster than this.
BTW, I wonder if the widget drawer lag is still present on the S4?

4 years 29 days ago

Guys, how did you get that Group Play app? :)

4 years 29 days ago

Install it at samsung apps?

4 years 29 days ago

Its working fine with s3