Screenshots from Galaxy S IV’s American variant have just showed up

Screenshots from the Galaxy S IV’s American variant have just made an appearance on the internet. This time posted a couple of screenshots. Screenshots confirm quite a few things, first of all a brand new TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0, a fully revamped settings menu with a tabbed interface and white background. The images also confirm that the device will indeed have the much hyped Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Smart Stay and Smart Rotation features. The screenshots are confirming a 5″ Full HD Display, 13 Megapixel camera and a Quad-Core 1.8GHz CPU with LTE on-board. Keep in mind as this is an American variant there is still hope that the International Galaxy S IV will feature an Exynos Octa CPU.

We will soon know all about the device as Samsung is going to officially announce the Galaxy S IV on 14th of March in New York, USA.

Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_30_37Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_30_52 Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_36_31_0Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_36_31_0 (1)  Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_36_00_0

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