Samsung Galaxy S IV: Screenshots leak, confirm Smart Scroll and Smart Pause (UPDATE)

We of SamMobile have just received some screenshots of the Galaxy S IV. These screenshots mainly confirm that Samsung’s next generation Galaxy S will indeed have the much hyped Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features. The screenshots also confirm that the Galaxy S IV will feature a Full HD 1080p panel. It also looks like that Samsung is keeping some UI elements from the Galaxy S III but we are looking forward to see Samsung’s upcoming Nature UX 2.0.

We will soon know all about the device as Samsung is going to officially announce the Galaxy S IV on 14th of March in New York, USA.

UPDATE: We have just found out that these images are actually from the Android 4.2.1 leaked firmware for Galaxy S III and we were given the wrong information by the tipper. Though, The Galaxy S IV will indeed have these features as confirmed by our insider.


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  • I can't wait till the Galaxy S4. It will tell me so much about the upcoming Galaxy Note 3.

  • So, how can the phone on the screen have a network connection (except Wi-Fi) without a sim-card inserted?

      • Well, right next to the Wi-Fi symbol is the network connection signal strength.
        As the symbol to the left on the status bar implies, there's no sim-card inserted so there shouldn't be any network connection except for Wi-Fi.

        • Looks to me like the SIM is inserted (but no code provided/locked) and thus WiFi is used :)

          • Yup...that's the only explanation. No PIN number inserted and/or emergency signal bar. I don't think that they would fake those pages, because has been confirmed time ago.

  • the leaked firmware does only have "smart stay" and "smart rotation", but no smart scroll nor smart pause. so these screen shots do belong to an s3 with XXUFMB3.

    • You may have right, seeing the screenshots from the US variant of the S4. The top bar is transparent in the new S4, not gray/black like S3

  • I've flashed the leaked firmware and I'm running it right now and it has only smart stay and smart rotation. no smart scroll, no smart pause.

  • on XXUFMB3, pull down the notification bar with 2 fingers and long press on Smart Stay. VOILA!!!

    But sadly, none of them work.

  • I stared and try to test that 2 new features. Nearly got sore eye but not work... :D