Apple losing market share among non-english speakers (Apple vs Samsung)

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, February 7, 2013 (BUZZFUTURE)  As the smartphone wars continue between Samsung and Apple, new research not only shows that Samsung is significantly outnumbering Apple in followers, but that language plays an important role when choosing between the two smartphones.

Smartphones have emerged as a primary means of social networking, while greatly enhancing connectivity. Among smartphone products on the market, Samsung’s Galaxy series and Apple’s iPhone have gained wide popularity and surpassed other products. While there have been media reports that Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone is globally outselling Apple’s iPhone, the new research by Dr. Esam Alwagait, Dean of King Saud University’s headship of e-Transactions and Communications, and Basit Shahzad, a Deanship researcher, provides key insights into the reason for Samsung’s growth.
“According to our research, while Apple is more popular in English-speaking countries, Samsung predominates elsewhere, particularly in Asia and Africa,” says KSU’s Dr. Esam Alwagait, who notes the research seems to suggest that Samsung’s smartphone may be viewed as being more user-friendly for non-English speakers.

To compare the popularity of the Samsung and Apple smartphones, the KSU researchers examined official accounts of Samsung and Apple on Twitter(@SamsungMobile and Twitter@AppStore to collect, formulate and analyze data with multi-level and multi-purpose queries. The results were classified by languages, cities, countries, and continents. Data was drawn from Twitter accounts using the study-specific code, and the number of records received totaled 2,629,616 followers for Samsung and 1,380,497 for AppStore. The researchers focused on social networks as they have proliferated exponentially in recent years, and become an integral part of people’s everyday communication. In addition, they are a great source for information sharing. Twitter ( was selected for this study since it has more than 24 million unique visitors per month and 500 million tweets per day.

Some highlights of their findings include:
 Samsung smartphones are universally more popular;
 Android operating system is more popular than Apple’s iOS;
 Apple followers are more likely to live in an English-speaking country than Samsung followers;
 English is the primary language of choice for both sets of followers, though Samsung is more popular where English is not the primary language;
 Considering the continental review, Samsung is significantly more popular in Asia, Africa, North and South America and Europe, while Apple is more popular in Australia;
 While Samsung is overwhelmingly more popular in Asian and African countries, it has a relatively small lead over Apple in Europe
 Based on Klout scores – a measure of a user’s influence across his or her social network — Apple followers are more influential and more popular than Samsung followers. However, the sheer volume of Samsung followers suggests this could be a growing factor.


Complete results of the research can be obtained by contacting either of the two researchers, ********, or ******

King Saud University is a public university located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that has been consistently recognized as a leading global institution of higher eduction according to various rankings, as well as the leading Middle East center of higher learning. The student body of KSU consists of around 38,000 students of both sexes. King Saud University’s Deanship of e-Transactions and Communications recently received the mGovernment Excellence Award at the ceremony held at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Website: King Saud University

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Tel: ********** (US)
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SamMobile would like to thank the King Suad University for sending us their research between Apple and Samsung about market share among non-english speakers.

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3 years 3 months ago

[…] Apple losing marketplace share among non-english speakers (Apple vs Samsung) […]

4 years 2 months ago

I no spega da eeengleesh – ah lyka da samoosang. Eeez wery wery nyc four the no spega da eengleesh peeeepoool.

Hey for some people IOS is the best and for some its Android.
Frankly, My personal belief is that Symbian was one of the most versatile and powerful standalone OSes and if Nokia werent so delayed they really could have made a go of it.

Anyway it boils down to preference.

There is another variable. Price. I am sure Europe pays a lot more for an Apple device than the Americans do, but in Africa we pay even more than Europe.
The IPhone 5 64GB retails for almost 11 Grand in South African currency.
10gs for the 32GB. Rather get an S3 for half the price.

4 years 2 months ago

P.S. Android has a really good community. I’m very certain that the Galaxy S2 will be supported by custom ROMs, if not by Samsung.

4 years 2 months ago

Bullshit. If you have any knowledge in technology, you would have known that Jelly Bean is a huge improvement over the previous android versions. Maybe it’s not quite like iOS yet, but Project Butter is catching up really quick, and given the way Android is designed (compared to iOS which is a sealed environment), the current amount of input lag is nothing compared to what it offers.

The Galaxy S2, despite the fact that it was released in early 2011, was voted the best smartphone of 2012 on various tech blogs. Its hardware still outperforms many smartphones even today. So considering that it’s Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S line, it will get updates in the future.

I own both Apple and Samsung devices. Viewing from a purely technological point of view, the raw processing power of Galaxy S devices are superior than that of the iPhone (of it’s time). However, iOS does a good job of filling the holes of iPhone. But given the circumstances, one cannot compare iOS to Android nor the Galaxy S to the iPhone.

I have tried my best not to favour one company over the other. But next time you criticize someone, get your facts straight.

4 years 2 months ago

Don’t have your hopes high Marucamba. Samsung is still a big corporation and everything behind this is a huge business. They have their own negative sides, just like Apple does. Their phones are more sophisticated when it comes to features indeed, but Android has the overall tendency to sometimes have higher input lag and crashes compared to iOS applications and Samsung’s business model to produce many different types of phones is weird and questionable when it comes to update support. The Galaxy S2 is probably going to have its support ended very soon so.

I’m not an Apple fan or anything, in fact, this comment comes from a person who own both a Samsung and Apple product as well and, with all this patent war, pros and cons I can’t really say what company is better, because shit is everywhere and it is totally biased to say one company has “better intentions” than the other. (This was about the arrogance part especially). They are just corporations aiming to be top on sales, nothing else. Strategies vary within each company and we, consumers are just their means of getting sales.

4 years 2 months ago

your a IDIOT

4 years 2 months ago

Big like for you sammy!

4 years 2 months ago

Samsung has better and more sophisticated products at better price and they are not so arrogant that is why they going to crash apple

4 years 2 months ago

samsung wins everywhere :)

4 years 2 months ago

With all the “patent wars” going around, I can safely say BOTH companies are huge d***s.