Rumor: Galaxy IV to have a unbreakable display

Last week we reported about Project J. Project J is the code name of the new Galaxy S IV.
According to our topper Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S IV in April 2013.

Today new information by Reuters could confirm the Galaxy S IV and Code Name Project J for April.
Reuters also rumored about the display of the Galaxy S IV. It is possible for Samsung to put the next-gen of AMOLED inside the Galaxy S IV. Which means unbreakable displays! Samsung wants to set the level of mobile displays higher and wants to bring new tech. The Galaxy IV is rumored to have a 5.0” AMOLED display with a full hd resolution, quad-core processor and a 13 megapixel camera. The phone would run on the latest version of Android.

Do you think the Galaxy IV will sell out better than the Galaxy S III?

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