Samsung and their AMOLED vs LCD dilemma

Earlier this month we received some interesting information about the production of the new AMOLED panels and that Samsung Mobile may switch to LCD panels for their upcoming products in 2013 (See Samsung to switch to LCD displays for 2013 article).
According to a trusted source the decision of switching to LCD panels is depending on the production of the new AMOLED panels (High resolution and full RGB). To make these new AMOLED panels they need resources and enough production capacity to make them. According to our source Samsung will still use AMOLED panels in their upcoming products but most likely will be that these will be used for their high end products (like Galaxy S series), while products which are positioned for the mid end market would get a new generation of Samsung’s PLS panels.
Switching to LCD panels for their mid end products can also be that Samsung want’s to make the new AMOLED panels more exclusive.

If Samsung managed to solve their production related issue then 2013 can be a nice year with new AMOLED technology like flexible panels and high resolution panels!

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