It doesn’t take a genius (samsung’s ad against iphone 5)

In Samsung’s latest Ad campaign starting tommorow in the national en regional papers in the US.  Samsung is comparing the Galaxy S III with the iPhone 5.
It really doesn’t take a genius to see that the Samsung Galaxy S III has a lot more features then the iPhone 5.
We already know the Anti Apple tv commercials which makes fun of the Apple users, now they are attacking the phone directly.
Samsung is aggressively trying to pitch itself as the anti-Apple, saying it offers more features for less money.
The iPhone 5 will sell the most in the US so we are talking about the US version of the Galaxy S III.

Tell us what you think of this AD and Samsung’s marketing strategy?


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4 years 8 months ago

I agree that it is not necessarily a Spec game, I’m still using my good old Galaxy S2 and did not jump for the latest gadgets out there this year and am still able to experience all the features in the S3 with the exception of the NFC because that is hardware based. Apple has to market their product with a focus on the user experience over specs because they know they didn’t cut it in terms of being leading-edge in technology.

The ONLY improvements Apple should be able to claim over the old iPhone is the screen size and LTE. Both of which were already claimed milestones by the competition.

For the rest (Siri, Face detection, Panorama, video stabilization, Take still photos while recording, EarPods) are all in the software and CAN be implemented to older iPhones. Apple patrons should be miffed and unpleased with the fact that Apple left them behind and is forcing them to upgrade. I would be surprised if they improved Siri and Apple Maps and made it exclusive to iPhone5s or iPhone 6. Apple patrons… be ready for this.

Deciding to get either an Android or Apple smartphone requires much deliberation because once you have spent much of your hard-earned cash on Apps, you are more inclined to stay with the respective market. If you have spent hundreds or thousands on apps purchased in the Apple app store, I doubt you’d allow yourself to throw all that away buy jumping ship to Android and vice versa.

I would pick the iPhone generally because of its metallic feel and user interface. The reason I won’t get one is because I would like to have full control of whatever I buy. Its mostly Apple’s business model and restrictive environment that I choose not to purchase the iPhone.

My Reasons:-
(1) Apple abandons its patrons and forces them to upgrade their phone even though they shouldn’t have to. (Example: The iPhone 4 and earlier models don’t have Siri when they are fully capable of having the feature)

(2) Other brands allow you to plug your smartphone to any computer via USB and copy your music, data and films without the need to install any software/app like iTunes. It is that easy!

(3) Brands such as HTC, Blackberry & Samsung use the standard USB cable to plug & charge their devices. Apple products force you to use their own plug. Not to mention all those Apple patrons who have bought previous Apple phones and iPhone/iPad compatible speakers will now HAVE TO BUY a converter to make those products compatible with the new iPhone5

(4) When you purchase music through iTunes, you do NOT own it. You only purchase the “right” to listen to it on your Apple device. (i.e. Bruce Willis could not pass his vast music library to his children.)

(5) Limits iPhone user’s battery choices. I upgraded the stock battery on my Galaxy S2 from a 1650mAh to a 3800mAh. And it could be done in less than 10seconds. Not to mention it comes with a built in stand so I could watch movies all day long.

4 years 8 months ago

(6) Apple bullies other companies by forcibly dictating what features should not be included – Flash, NFC to name a few. So if you’re an anime freak like me, forget about being able to watch those anime from websites still using Flash technology.

(7) Apple decided to use the slower LTE band on the iPhone5 which is on the 1800mhz spectrum and boasts a theoretical maximum bandwidth of 65M compared to the current standard 2600mhz which can easily achieve 100M. I won’t be surprised if Apple screws it’s loyal patrons again by releasing an iPhone 5s with NFC and faster LTE.

(8) I own a MacBookPro 13″ (2011) edition. I had a simple problem, I experience corrupted textures when playing Diablo 3 (100% in Act 3). This is a known issue with the GPU drivers. If I were on Windows, I would just need to update the Graphics driver and it would be fixed. But for OSX, you will need to purchase and update the whole Operating System to Mountain Lion to fix that issue. Quite ridiculous and another stick up your butt being screwed by yours truly, Apple.

(9) Last but not least, let’s talk about the iPhone5. Let me start by countering those “misleading specs put in iPhone5′s favor.

- CPU: iP5 = Quad-Core 1Ghz (S3 = Quad-Core 1.4Ghz)
- Front-Screen Camera: iP5 = 720p (S2 & S3 = 1080p)
- iCloud (Any Android: Google Drive)
- Shared Photo Stream (erm… how’s that different from instagram/facebook/kodak photo sharing?)
- Panorama (already existed in Sony Ericsson and Nexus phones since last year. Can be easily enabled on any SmartPhone including old iPhones by downloading panorama apps like Google’s 360)
- 700,000 apps (Android 500,000)
- Passbook (This is a great idea, BUT it is software based and should be available also for older iPhones!)
- Free OS Updates Annually (Android: Same)
- FaceTime (C’mon… Skype allows you to chat with anyone using any device, why limit your interaction to Apple customers only?)
- All-New Maps with Flyover (Already existing in Google Maps)
- Airplay (This can already be done with other smartphone devices, in fact any device with Wifi/Blutooth. Apple will probably FORCE speaker manufacturers to only allow Apple devices via the “Airplay Brand”)
- Sleek and Durable Aluminium Black (erm… that’s not a feature and is subjective to each individual’s preferences. Not necessarily a pro)
- Game Center (S3: Google Play, Samsung Apps, Game Hub… thse are 3 game markets!)
-iMessage (again… why limit your communication to ONLY Apple users when you can use Skype, WhatsApp, Voxer, Viber, Facebook Messenger to chat with anyone)

4 years 8 months ago

Samsung did it right. Apple new iphone is lamentable. Those non-sense Apple fans got to be really frustrated. S3 rules, everybody should be used it

4 years 8 months ago


4 years 8 months ago

Apple go to hell u pathetic losers.. I can’t wait to step on another iphone when ip5 is here in the philippines.. get lost morons!

4 years 8 months ago

I like to think I’m quite sensible, well sometimes sensible so here’s my take on this. The new iphone is a decent enough phone but outwardly it looks just the same old except it’s got a bigger screen. Now I liken this to driving around in a modern car with all the up to date, state of the art driving aids but if it still looks like a Model T Ford then I’m not going to be that enthused about it. Each to their own but I like something not only to have up to date performance, I like it to look up to date as well. Galaxy S3 gives me both. Simples!

4 years 8 months ago

Thank God I left Crapple a year ago and I´m sure glad I did. Wasted five years ´´ of you can´t do this and you can´t do that, oh you´ve got to register by itunes and then authorize your own PC´´ What a bunch of fools and their sheeps … yeah I know I was one, but never again. Love my Galaxy note and I would piss on Crapple, iOS and monkeytunes any day. If you never used a Galaxy Note you will never understand my hatred for Crapple.

4 years 8 months ago

Warning to everyone.
Don’t be alarmed when you see a large group of mindless zombies in your town centres this Friday the 21st.
It’s only people possessed by a large corporation going to collect their new mind controlling devices, or iPhones as they call them.

4 years 8 months ago

To be Honest. I don’t think Samsung should of made an Ad saying its better than Iphone 5.
It was an wrong approach. Yes i can understand The War between the two.

iPhone 5 is disappointed. I am no one Phone lovers. I like all and every Phone once i go good feature.

And Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently the Best Phone on the Market, due to what iPhone 5 brought out. Samsung should let they sale and Costumers do the Talking to Hit iPhone back in there faces.

by them doing this add, means they are no different From iPhone.

anyway like i said many ime i love the competition, without these, we wouldn’t have greater Phone for the Future. until another Big phone dont come out Samsung may relax and kick back which they wouldnt work harder to make a better phone. Just like what iphone did and Samsung came and beat

4 years 8 months ago

Why should I pay only 700-900$ for an Upgrade? Apple is a bunch of idiots! Samsung FTW <3

4 years 8 months ago

When was the last time Apple gave Samsung money? Every time they order chips for iPhones. Samsung makes approximately 4Billion per quarter on that alone. So to answer your question, all the god damned time.

4 years 8 months ago

why the U.S. version has a setting that best sold in Brazil?

4 years 8 months ago

Well so much for the best iphone ever, Tech sites are trashing it so maybe it’s not the best ever lol.
Only Apple’s site’s and Sky are saying what a great phone it is and it’s better than any android phone lol Maybe they will wake up one day
iechyd da

4 years 8 months ago

Apple could say its not about spec wars anymore. IMO theyr trying to say with the iphone5 “hey i can text with 1 hand.” or rather “i remained an iphone 4 shape cuz i dont wana get sued”.. Cant wait for this S4 vs iphone 6.

4 years 8 months ago

What about p7300 upgrade to ics?

4 years 8 months ago

It may be a relatively small sum for Samsung but when was the last time Apple gave $1B or more to Samsung? Samsung got owned.

well if you think about it apple buys parts from samsung. so you can say that apple gives money to samsung too.

4 years 8 months ago

@ Sir Garry

Better if we see the financials of Samsung and Apple for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012 and let’s see who got OWNED. Iphone 5 will never outperform Samsung Galaxy S3′s performance in terms of quantity sales coz they suck.

4 years 8 months ago


It may be a relatively small sum for Samsung but when was the last time Apple gave $1B or more to Samsung? ;-) Samsung got owned.

4 years 8 months ago

I hate Apple. they want to destroy Android.
And all these lawsuits are used as a smokescreen to hide their real purpose, Destroying Android. Steve Jobs said he wanted to destroy Android and would spend all of Apple’s money and his dying breath if that is what it took to do so.

4 years 8 months ago

1 billion coming from Samsung’s revenue from Samsung Galaxy s3 and other smartphones.. Samsung won’t be hassled by that small donation to Apple..

4 years 8 months ago

@kuru31 @jamespevasquez2012

I use my Galaxy S2 on a daily basis and am happy with it, but that doesn’t change the fact that this ad is ridiculous.

And the last time any of the two got owned was when Samsung was told to hand over $1B to Apple. Samsung hasn’t had a win since then.

4 years 8 months ago

f#ckin Apple fans! don’t u c dat d b#tch Apple has been OWNED by Samsung?? Dammit!

4 years 8 months ago

For those call fail why an earth are you coming to Samsung related website. Most of you know iPhone users can be easily misled when comedian in US went on the street and given a 4S to users and asked what do they think they all said it was thin,fast,cool etc. So in a way this AD just high lights what is out there and don’t be fooled by Apple’s clever marketing and some biased media and blogs.

4 years 8 months ago

S3 is heavy 4.7 oz vs 3.95 oz

4 years 8 months ago

I call fail on Samsung. Everything between NFC and removable battery are just there to make the list look bigger… to make it fair iPhone should also list things like VIP inbox, Safari sync etc.