Google start Android 4.1.1 updates Galaxy Nexus

Google started the first Android 4.1.1 updates for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
Android 4.1.1 is Googles latest version of Android. Android 4.1.1 use codename Jelly Bean.
Because of Apple Google had to change some things in their Android 4.1.1 update for the Galaxy Nexus.
Google will also update the Nexus S later this month.

What is android 4.1.1?
Android 4.1.1 aka Jelly Bean is faster and smoother than previous Android versions. Additionally, the notifications are now expandable, comes with improved search and Google Now support.

Samsung still need to post their own statement about Android 4.1.
We think that Samsung will update the Galaxy SII, Galaxy Note and Galaxy SIII for the Galaxy tablets we put our hope on the Galaxy Tab 7.7. 

Lets hope our words are true.


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