Samsung is officially platinum member of the Linux foundation

Samsung is now officially a platinum member of the Linux foundation.
Samsung paid the foundation 500.000 US dollar.
The reason why Samsung did this could be of the upcoming OS of Samsung / Intel called TIZEN.
The first TIZEN phones by Samsung are planned for the second half of 2012.
Samsung is the number 7 of all the platinum members at the Linux foundation.

“By becoming a leader among its peers in Linux and open source software, Samsung Electronics is clearly raising the bar for innovation once again,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. “The company’s commitment to Linux and investment in its development firmly plants it in a position to continue its achievements in the mobile, embedded and consumer electronics markets. This is a strategic business decision that will result in advancing Samsung Electronics’ success and accelerating Linux development work.”

“The Linux Foundation is an important organization. It brings the right people and resources together to help companies and developers advance Linux for everyone,” said WonJoo Park, Vice President, Samsung Electronics. “We’re looking forward to increasing collaboration and support for our growing portfolio of Linux-based devices and to making contributions that advance Linux for all.”


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Yes, Samsung forever.