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[Tizen Developer Conference] Will Samsung show a device running on Tizen?


Last updated: February 17th, 2013 at 12:14 UTC+02:00

The last few week it was quiet around Tizen, the platform where Intel and Samsung are working on. In Februari the Tizen Association announced that the platform has reached the beta stage. In March we saw a video where the guys from Cybercomm were playing with the gallery and we have to say it was pretty awesome. Later in March we say that a device running on Tizen 1.0 had made a visit to and that it received a remarkable score of 363 points, today we saw on the website that Tizen has even improved their score, now they have 405 points! These scores are really impressive and keep in mind that Intel and Samsung are still working on version 1.0!

A few days ago we received information that there will be a Tizen Developer Conference from 7 till 9 May in San Francisco.
On the website you’ll find the schedule of events, which is including a full list with sessions during the conference. On the first day you’ll see that will be a Tech Showcase and there will be some demos from partners. Maybe Samsung will show a device running on Tizen… What do you think?








Full Schedule of Events


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