Apple want Amoled screens and maybe also Flexible Amoled screens

The guys of got a leaked document about the future of Amoled screens.
A hot item is that Apple is talking with Samsung about their Amoled screens.
It seems that Apple want to use Amoled screens in case of Retina screens from LG.
Amoled screens by Samsung are getting better and hotter than ever.
Nokia and HTC are also using the Amoled screens from Samsung.










A other hot item is the flexible Amoled screens by Samsung.
Apple  is also talking with Samsung about this but they don’t know if they will use them
By end of this year the Flexible Amoled screens are ready for mass production.

Some prices you should know:
LCD-Amoled at the moment a iPhone 4  3.7 inch IPS-LCD cost 38.50 dollars.
4.3 inch Super-Amoled-Plus Galaxy S2 50-55 dollars.
7.7 inch Super-Amoled-Plus (Galaxy Tab 7.7) 150-170 dollars.

For Apples iPad 9.7 inch AMOLED it would cost 240-260 dollars.

For Samsung fans is this again a bad thing.
Hopefully Samsung will use it first in their own products before sharing!

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