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This week Gartner has released smartphone market share and sales figures from the last quarter of 2011. As you may had expected there is a clearly visible trend going on as the smartphone market is still growing. In Q4 of 2011 there are 149 million units sold which is 47.3 percent more than in Q4 of 2010 and there are 472 million units sold total in 2011. Keep in mind that these figures are only smartphone sales!













Most interesting for us is to see is how Samsung has done it in 2011. Early December Samsung announced that they have sold 300 million phones so far and in October they announced that they have sold over 30 million units of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S2. One thing for sure, this is really impressive!

Samsung has sold more than 92.6 million units (featurephones and smartphones) in Q4 which is 1.9 percent more than in Q4 of 2010. Overall in 2011 Samsung’s market share increased by just 0.1 percent which seems not so much but if you look at the figures you will see that they have done a pretty good job since they have sold over 313 milllion units (featurephones and smartphones). In 2010 they had sold 281 million units (featurephones and smartphone).


































Most smartphones that Samsung has sold are Android devices but still its interesting to see that even there own bada platform has more market share than Microsoft’s Window Phone platform. In Q4 of 2011 bada had 2.1 percent market share which is good for more than 3 million units while Windows Phone has just 1.9 percent market share thats good for about 2.7 million units. The differences are not gigantic but the target of both platforms are. The position of Windows Phone is higher than bada’s position. While bada is meant for lower end devices Windows Phone on the other hand is more for higher/mid end devices. You may think that it might be logic that bada has more market share than Windows Phone as lower end devices are more affordable than high/mid end device but keep in mind Microsoft spent a lot of money (millions) for promoting their platform especially from the moment that Nokia released as both companies are saying ‘the real Windows Phone device’ with the Lumia 800.


Source: Gartner

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