Bada 2.0 updates. (S8500)

We just confirmed that Samsung start rolling out bada 2.0 for the Samsung Wave!
Keep your eye on our firmware page or twitterchannels!

If you download files via our firmware page make sure to use as pass!
Enjoy and take care with flashing!

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Latest bada 2.0 updates:
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXGLA2_ATO Austria
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXGLA2_XEB Belgium
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXGLA2_PHB Belgium
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXGLA2_PRO Belgium / Luxemburg
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXLA2_CRG Croatia
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_CRO (T-Mobile)
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXLA2_VIP Croatia (Vipnet)
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXLA2_TWO Croatia (TWO)
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXDLA1_VDC Czech (Vodafone)
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500O2CLA1_O2C Czech Republic (O2C)
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXXLA1_ORC France
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXDLA1_VDC Hungary
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500WINLA1_WIN Italy (WIND)
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_MBM Macedonia
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_CMF Macedonia
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_MSR Serbia
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_SMO Serbia
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_TSR Serbia
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXDLA1_IRD Slovakia (Orange)
Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXGLA2_MOZ Switzerland

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UPDATE LIST 2012 1 February. 

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