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Next round of rumors #SGS3.


Last updated: February 17th, 2013 at 11:55 UTC+02:00

Sunday we posted some  rumors about the Galaxy S III.
Eldar Murtazin was so kind to give a few more hints today.
We of SamMobile  responded with a  number of questions …
Eldar Murtazin previously told that the Galaxy S III wouldn’t have a Quadcore processor but today he said that it will have it.
More or less  something we knew allready, because of our dump we got from our insiders.  Who actually said  that Samsung had plans to use its new quadcore in their SGS3 from the beginning.
Still, we  followed Eldars twitter account to. Not because he was wrong, this time because there were floating many prototypes around.
Until today!
Eldar said on his Twitter channel that the SGS3 has a Quadcore chip and also has an HD resolution display.
The battery also seems to be  a lot better.
Android 4.0 is also quite different.
Probably samsung released their necessary tweaks toTW 5.0.
Also, the camera has become from a 8 megapixel into a 12 megapixel.
Something we all expect, despite our dump indicates 8 megapixel.

As we said above, we had  four questions for Eldar.

@EldarmurtazinNot sure but first you told the world no Quadcore and now it is Quadcore #SGS3 to many prototypes.
@Eldarmurtazin Another detail in our DUMP we can see the screen is better than SGS2 and NOTE is this true? #SGS3
@Eldarmurtazin What feels better TW 5.0 or Google’s ICS interface? And do we need a Homebutton in TW 5.0
@Eldarmurtazin Ok thanks… Another detail we found in our DUMP is SMEMO and SAGENDA stylus inside this phone? #SGS3

Eldar responded to two of the four questions …
@ Eldarmurtazin Not sure but first you told the world no Quadcore and now it is Quadcore #SGS3 to many prototypes.
@ SamMobiles both version are exists
@Eldarmurtazin Another detail in our DUMP we can see the screen is better than SGS2 and NOTE is this true?#SGS3
@SamMobiles better
As we already mentioned in our message on Sunday we threw Samsung changed its hardware with the day.
Although we still have almost with certainty say that this is the final specs are.

Still, there are two of the four questions unanswered.

This may be more or less due the fact Eldar could not say anymore , because he was not allowed by Samsung.
But as the real SamMobile fans know, due the the fact we have a dump we know the whole APK list.
It is also contains the S MEMO and S AGENDA Apk.
This could mean that the device will have a stylus. (But we are not sure about that Samsung could change everytime, Our build is from early 2012.)

We asked if  TW 5.0 is better than Google’s own interface ICS unfortunately there were no comments.
The beauty of our question was actually that we asked if TW 5.0 needs a homebutton.
Probably Samsung has a speakingban on this to.

Samsung keeps close eye on their employees so they wont leak anything!

Especially since it is the SGS3 there should not leak too many details.

Also, we of  SamMobile are 100% not going to release this ICS dump.
Anyway, we all already tested it all.

We’ll keep you posted.
Remember to follow us on twitter.
Anyway, this year we are in Barcelona at the MWC 2012.

Thanks to Eldar Murtazin and our own insiders.

Did you find a Typo please pm Message writer.

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