Samsung promises 1 day of Juice in upcoming smartphones.

Working all day on one battery charge. That’s what Samsung promisses this year whith  their new smartphones, says a senior manager at Samsung in an interview. It is for normal to heavy users, says the manager of the Korean electronics manufacturer.
According to Kevin Packingham, vice president for products at Samsung, Samsung will provide a guarantee for its smartphones this year. Guarantees that they will last at least a whole day in normal use on a single battery charge. Packingham told this in an interview with CNet. According to the CEO, many consumers now fear that they will get through an entire day on a single charge  it. This is undesirable according to Samsung and they said that the tide will turn in 2012 with their upcoming phones.
In addition, Samsung also puts a lot of time and research in developing energy-efficient antennas for LTE and 3G. According to Packingham this is to make sure that consumers are can use their smartphone at least a day.This due the larger battery Samsung will deliver with their new smartphones. Also Samsung is  tuning the WiFi antenna performance  so he deals with battery efficient. The way the antenna is looking for a network would be optimized by the manufacturer. For their heavy users their not sure so they will not provide any promisses about that.
The manufacturer said they did not reach the final goal and continue to work towards a better energy management.


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