New Android 4.0.3 leak by Samsung for SGS2: I9100XXLP1.

Friday 13th is not always a bad day!
We of Sammobile just released our new I9100XXLP1/OXALP1 rom by Samsung.
This rom is based on Android 4.0.3 and coms from January 9 2012.

Yeah oke, but what are the changes?
/ Interface: Nothing in case of XXKPA.
/ Battery: Battery feels better.
/ Faster: Phones looks faster.
/ Touch: Touch response is better.
/ Overall: Firmware more stable but still with some bugs.
/ Facelock: Working.
/ Task: Task maneger is back. Interface:

Download here the ROM:
Talk here about the rom:

See below our message some screenshots and a small movie.


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