TomTom has announced a licensing agreement with Samsung’s Bada OS.

TomTom has announced at CES a licensing agreement with Samsung. TomTom will make maps and POI’s on Samsung’s Bada OS. The Wave 3, will be the first smartphone with TomTom’s maps.
TomTom claims to have signed a strategic partnership with Samsung for its own Bada OS. Samsung will include TomTom maps of more than 200 countries. In addition, all maps will be added by POI information and 3D maps of cities. Traffic and speed camera’s will also be provided by TomTom to Samsung.


According to TomTom, Samsung will use the cards on their Bada OS. The new Wave 3 smartphone, which recently went into sales,will be the first to get the TomTom maps. It is unclear when the update for the Wave 3 with the cards will be rolled out. Samsung has also not disclosed whether users should pay for the navigation on their  Bada smartphone or that the service will be free.

So are you still thinking Samsung is abondoning BADA???
Or do you think this is a good step from Samsung?



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Samsung stringe un accordo con TomTom per la navigazione GPS sulla piattaforma bada!

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yeah it’s a good step for samsung 🙂 …


I think this is very good news for bada in general.
Now indeed, speed up bada 2 for wave I and wave II and offer Tom Tom free for 3 months too.
n.b. the brand bada must be written in small letters, no capitals.


this is a Good step from Samsung.they know that their current navigation app is good for nothing and smartphone OS is incomplete without good navigation app.
But, mylove90 is saying correctly that It will be available for Wave 3 for free for some time then it will be available for Wave I/II/3 & paid.
This is the way they are treating existing customer.
If they want to make it great step,release it free for at least 3 major handsets ->Wave 3,wave 2,wave 1 to bring some kind of happiness regarding Bada to existing customer.

Just go to Badadevelopers forum and see how poor it is….All we have to thank Google+Motorola otherwise all we were still with Bada 1.2….
As mylove90 is saying, the summary is: Developers lost their interest for Bada….
Samsung did lots of mistakes and now trying to do something but there is no plan….
Trying to finish Bada 2, busy with Bada 3 and now Tizen….. totally a chaos….
Looks like they are sensing something wrong on the market and jumping on everything to find a solution….


Well here is my predictions It will be available for Wave 3 for free for some time then it will be available for Wave I/II/3 & paid Samsung is doing a lot of stuff lately that will annoy any old bada user/developer Imagine that you make a bada 2.0 app and want to sell it for all Wave WVGA type users (Wave I/II/3) to make money and ooooooops Samsung took it from you and gave it to Wave 3 users only (They are too few)….Won’t you get annoyed ??!!!!!…Specially if your Device was a Wave I/II Yes Samsung we can… Read more »


All platforms (wp7, android, ios, symbian…) have free navigation soft, except bada… this should be a step in the right direction if they offer it for free… tomtom it’s a great navigation software.


1 step at the time man ….


ask TOMTOM when for W 1 and 2 !!