Highlights and lows of Samsung and certainly by us too.

The year 2011 is almost over.
But what were the highlights and lows of Samsung, and what were ours?
The biggest highlight of Samsung was of course the launch of the Galaxy S II at the MWC 2011 in Barcelona.
A other tiny highlights were the Note the Galaxy (1 million units sold by now), the Galaxy Collaboration with Google Nexus and very extensive range of Galaxy Tablets.
Samsung has it all big screens and small screens.
In terms of hardware you can’tt really complain at Samsung.
Still, Samsung is running behind the facts of software.
More and more people criticize Touch Wiz and on the Android phones and Samsung’s own operating system Bada.
Bada, Samsung’s proprietary operating system may not be the slowest only real updates are missing.
Samsung presented at the MWC bada 2.0 however, only in the stores you could find it in late November.
Samsung has also properly failed to bring out the future updates to their bada phones.
Still, there is no certain date known for their old models to get bada 2.0.
Samsung has more or less already indicated which phones will get it but unfortunately the date Samsung forgot to say.
Samsung has announced that they will not bring Androind 4.0 to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab.In stead of the full update the will update it it with a valuepackage a sorft ICS lite.
This was very hard for many users of the Galaxy S.
We of SamMobile understood this point of Samsung, but it can also cost more or less their name.
In any case, Samsung’s biggest problem is software.
This you can not only see at the deviices but also from the court.
Samsung and Apple are now more often to be found in court than on the telecom market itself.
2011 is actually a great sign of the patent battle between the two major players in the telecom market.
it looks more or less favorable for Samsung.
Samsung has indicated to make their new device patent free.
This is where Apple can no longer bother Samsung .
Despite the software problem Samsung has thrown the most updates out of all Mobile manufacturers.
So many new Android smartphones / tablets from Samsung will get the update to Android 4.0.

Team SamMobile

Samsung highlights:
– Galaxy S II.
– Galaxy NOTE .
– Android 4.0 update.
– Many software updates. (More than last year)

– Bada. (Delay of updates)
– Touch WIZ. (Although many things changed still not marketable)
– Patent Battles.
– No update to Android 4.0 for the Galaxy S. (Could cost Samsung’s trust)


Also we of SamMobile have a strange year behind us.
Sure we have made some bangers but certainly scored some low points too.
To think of some of our announcements about bada 2.0 updates and our new website releasedate.
Yes we make mistakes too.
To these things we particular pay attention in 2012.
Yet it was also the year of 2011 SamFirmware / SamMobile.
We brought the first and last Android firmware of many top models like the Galaxy S, S Galaxy II, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Suit and Galaxy Mini.
Also on Samsung’s own system bada we did not remain behind. So we were the first with many bada 2.0 firmware updates for the Wave and Wave II.
But their was also a downside to it.
Because we brought these updates to the Wave and Wave II, the real bada users got very angry at Samsung.
Since the TEST of bada 2.0 are more or less ready, the official update is still not known.
We see this as a peak with a small downside to it.
Still, we are reinforcing.
We did not stop and we came up with a great special.
This time for Windows Phone users.
We were the first with a Mango Official ROM for the Omnia 7.
It did us good as we where back to be found on the Big tech websites.
But the real topper we brought was this month..
We of SamMobile unexpectedly brought the first Android 4.0 CUSTOM ROM made by Samsung for the Galaxy S II.
Rom this caused an real Buzz in the mobile techworld.
Not only a great sign from Samsung to its user, but also a sign of appreciation.
Our new website was in fact only just online!
We never saw after this release that the site was offline after this release the traffic was to big!
We of SamMobile found this really fun.
It was also very good to see the hype surrounding it.
Anyway we are not planning to stop in 2012!
Below, our list of highlights and lowlights.

SamMobile highlights:
– Android releases.
– Bada releases.
– Windows Phone releases.
– New website.
– New firmware page.
– Private forum.

Lows of  SamMobile:
– Release date website.
– Release date bada updates.

Despite everything, it is a very special year for Samsung, but also for us.
Not only we helped Samsung with its own twitter channel called SamKiesUpdates.
But just the support you give to us.
After all those Apple / Nokia fan pages, it’s finally time that Samsung gets a real fan page out there.
And we started well for those die hard Samsung users with a special firmware page, but for normal users too with a special Samsung KIES page.

On behalf of the entire team of SamMobile we wish you all a very good and a very healthy 2012.
We hope to see you again in a new year full of changes in telecommunications!

SamMobile Team.

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