Samsung Galaxy S5 apps leaked: S Note, WatchON, Gear Manager, and more [APK]

There's less than a month before the Galaxy S5 launches worldwide in more than 150 markets, and as tradition would dictate, some of the apps from the upcoming flagship have been leaked online. An XDA forum member has leaked the APK files fo…


Samsung’s WatchON app update adds dark theme, trailer previews, and more

Samsung has pushed out a major update to its WatchON app, with the most major change being the switch to a darker theme for the whole app, which makes it look better than it did before (at least to me, if you prefer light themes you'll prob…

Note 8 WatchON

You could buy a Samsung Note 8® tablet, or you could win one here!

We came across this video on the Samsung Mobile YouTube channel a few weeks ago, and found that Samsung’s new WatchON™, Service really brings some cool functionality to the Note 8.0® tablet and The Galaxy S4®. Touted as the “Ultima…



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