Samsung leads European UHD TV market in second quarter

The Ultra High Definition or UHD TV market is slowly taking off even though UHD TVs are relatively expensive at this point in time. It may take a while before these TVs become as popular as LED 1080p units but already a number of manufact…


‘Expert Level’ UHD UD970 monitor launched

Samsung Electronics today added an "expert-level" Ultra High Definition monitor to its lineup. It is geared towards professional graphic designers, game developers, photographers and others who constantly need high quality monitors to go ab…


Samsung’s 110-inch Ultra HD TV goes on sale

A TV with a 105-inch screen is already one of the biggest you'll see, but a couple of more inches of screen estate can never hurt, and as a result, Samsung has announced the world's first 110-inch Ultra HD TV. The gigantic TV will be shown…


Samsung cuts Ultra HD TV prices

Samsung had hinted a price drop was going to happen on its Ultra HD TVs, following reduction in OLED TV prices, and now that price drop has finally gone into effect, according to multiple retailers in the U.S. Samsung’s UN55F9000 55-inch…



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