Tizen 3.0


Experimental version of Tizen SDK 3.0 available unofficially

Tizen may be running into obstacles and staying away from the consumer market at the moment, but whenever it does make its way to market, developers will be the major force deciding how Samsung's home-brewed OS does in the extremely compet…


Tizen 3.0 to be unveiled on November 11 in developer conference in Seoul

The first Tizen phone might not be anywhere near a market launch, but Samsung does keep working on the OS itself, constantly improving and adding new features. We recently saw images of Tizen 3.0 running on a Galaxy S3, and now it's been co…


More Tizen 3.0 images leaked, running on a Galaxy S3 this time

Samsung must be working double-time on Tizen, as merely a day after version 3.0 of the upcoming OS was seen running on a Galaxy S4, we now have images of it running on a developer edition of the Galaxy S3 (this developer device is what carr…

TIZEN 3.0 UI Indonesia (2)

Tizen 3.0 User Interface

Tizen Indonesia managed to get their hands-on a few photos where a Galaxy S4 is running on Tizen 3.0 with a new user interface. Its unclear if this interface will be used by Samsung on the first Tizen device which is excepted to be unveiled…


Tizen 3.0 to bring full launch of Samsung’s S Cloud?

We recently learned that Samsung would be building in advanced NFC functionality in Tizen, and now it looks like the Korean manufactured may use Tizen 3.0, which is due next year, to fully introduce its cloud service S Cloud as well. S Clou…



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