Benefits of Super AMOLED displays highlighted in new infographic

Its no secret that Samsung has advocated the benefits of Super AMOLED displays over LCD but it has stepped up these efforts recently. Recently the company released a couple of Super AMOLED tablets so it seems apt that now Samsung is focusin…


Samsung to use PLS LCD displays for Galaxy S5 and Note 4?

We've gobbled up all the rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S5 eagerly, but the latest rumor is one that will probably turn off a lot of folks. According to the Korean media, Samsung is considering using PLS LCD displays on next year flagshi…


Samsung to launch more AMOLED tablets in 2014

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 didn't really make much of an impact in the market when it was launched back in late 2011, but many fondly remember it to this day for a single reason - it was the one and only tablet Samsung launched with a Super AMOLED…


Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 3 has PenTile display

We've already heard that the Galaxy Note 3's Super AMOLED display uses a PenTile pixel arrangement like the Galaxy S4, but lack of official word from Samsung still left a small doubt whether that was actually the case. Well, that doubt can…


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 uses PenTile AMOLED like Galaxy S4

Whenever Samsung makes a new flagship handset official, one question always arises - does it use a Super AMOLED display with a PenTile matrix, or maybe, just maybe, an RGB matrix? Well, if that question has been lingering on your mind regar…



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