Super AMOLED Full HD


Too many Pixels?

A smartphone’s display is the portal through which we interface with all our precious content and data. You can talk about gigahertz and FPS all you like, but at the end of the day... processing power and performance are redundant if the…


Samsung Display starts mass production of Full HD AMOLED panels

Samsung Display is going to start with mass production of their Full HD AMOLED displays this month. This news came from the DDaily a korean newspapersite. According to them Samsung Mobile needs those displays from the beginning of March fro…

Samsung starts development of high-resolution flexible AMOLED displays

New report by confirms that Samsung is planning to develop small and big OLED Panels. Samsung want to start the mass production of small OLED panels in the first half of 2013. The big OLED panels are planned in the second…

Samsung and their AMOLED vs LCD dilemma

Earlier this month we received some interesting information about the production of the new AMOLED panels and that Samsung Mobile may switch to LCD panels for their upcoming products in 2013 (See Samsung to switch to LCD displays for 2013 a…



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