Samsung’s Huron Windows Phone device to be branded as Ativ SE

Samsung is said to be working on a Windows Phone handset codenamed Huron (SM-W750V). The handset has cleared FCC, and from the leaked images, will be exclusive to Verizon. The device was rumored to be officially announced at the Mobile Worl…


Samsung’s new Windows Phone (SM-W750V) visits the FCC

Samsung’s latest Windows Phone was ousted last week by the ever reliable @evleaks. According to the leak, the device features a design that is similar to a late model Galaxy S and is headed to Verizon. @evleaks's claims were confirmed tod…


Samsung SM-W750V (Windows Phone for Verizon) picture and specs leak

Samsung's upcoming Windows Phone handset, the SM-W750V, was recently revealed to be headed to Verizon, and now a picture of the device has been leaked by evleaks, confirming the leakster's words that it looks like a recent Galaxy S device (…


Samsung SM-W750V is a Windows Phone for Verizon

The Samsung SM-W750V has reared its face time and time again in the past couple of months, and apart from the fact that it's a Windows Phone device with a 1080p display, no details have surfaced. Well, thanks to evleaks, we might have a few…


Samsung SM-W750V Windows Phone handset has 1080p display

The appearance of a Samsung SM-W750V in the past few weeks has everyone speculating on the possibility of the Korean manufacturer working on yet another Windows Phone 8 device (one that could possibly have some of Microsoft's money behind i…


Samsung SM-W750V could be new Windows Phone 8 device

At the moment, Nokia has a very strong hold on the Windows Phone market, enjoying an unchallenged reign with more than 90 percent market share. But with the Finnish company to be soon acquired by Microsoft and with its name to be removed fr…



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