Galaxy S5 LTE-A Display shows improved color accuracy

A few weeks after its limited, South Korean release, the display of the Galaxy S5 LTE-A has finally received its first analysis - courtesy of AnandTech. When DisplayMate hailed the Galaxy S5 as having the "best performing smartphone display…


Korea-bound Galaxy S5 LTE-A spotted with new back panel; benchmarks in tow

With the official Samsung announcement of the Galaxy S5 LTE-A only three days old, Korean carrier KT has made its Special Edition of the phone public. This Special Edition S5 LTE-A retains the 5.1 inch WQHD Super AMOLED display and Snapdrag…


Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A official with WQHD (2560×1440) AMOLED display, Snapdragon 805 CPU

If you bought a Galaxy S5 in the two months since its worldwide launch, you might be in for some massive disappointment today. Samsung has finally announced the rumored LTE-A variant of the Galaxy S5 (or the Galaxy S5 Prime, as the rumors w…


Samsung SM-G906L certified in South Korea, could be LTE-A variant of standard Galaxy S5

Well, the mystery just continues to deepen when it comes to the rumored Galaxy S5 Prime. The device has been rumored to sport model number SM-G906, at least in South Korea, and today, an SM-G906L has been found to have received certificatio…


Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Prime (SM-G906S) heads to India for testing

The Galaxy S5 Prime continues to make an appearance in the wild to keep reminding us that it exists and will be launching in the near future. Today, the Galaxy S5 Prime (model number SM-G906S, reportedly the South Korean model) has been spo…


Alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime poses for the camera

PhoneArena has just published three pictures allegedly showing the much speculated and long rumoured Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, which the publication received from an anonymous tipster. According to the pictures, it looks like the device feat…


Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (SM-G906L) certified by Bluetooth SIG

The Galaxy S5 Prime really seems intent on appearing in a new rumor or leak every single day. Today, the phone has managed to show up in the Bluetooth SIG database, where it has been certified and carries the model number SM-G906L (SM-G906…


Report: Galaxy S5 Prime to go on sale in mid-June, at least in Korea

Traditionally, after the launch of Samsung's latest Galaxy S flagship, the next big thing everyone looks forward to is the next Galaxy Note. However, this time, all eyes are on the Galaxy S5 Prime, expected to be a no holds barred premium v…




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