Galaxy S5 Exynos model now getting recent performance enhancing update

Samsung started rolling out an update in Europe earlier this week to improve the performance on the Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy S5, and now the same update is going out to the Exynos-powered variant. The update has gone live in countri…


EXCLUSIVE: Android 4.4.3 being tested on Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 LTE-A, 4.4.2 update status for other devices

Android 4.4 KitKat might have rolled out to quite a few Samsung devices already, but the update is yet to start making its way to most of the low-end and mid-range phones in the company's lineup. We've heard that Samsung has been working on…


Galaxy S5 Preview

Today, the Galaxy S5 became available for purchase in more than 125 countries around the world. We've been working on a review of the device for some time now, but we would like to give our readers a quick preview of what they can expect fr…


[Update: Exynos, too] Galaxy S5 firmware for Snapdragon variant now available for download

The Galaxy S5 is finally available for purchase on a global scale, and as tradition would dictate, firmware files for the international variant of the device are now coming up online. The firmware are currently available for the internation…


Samsung offering 15% cashback on the Galaxy S5 in India

After stating that the Galaxy S5 would cost anywhere between INR 51,500 and INR 53,000 at the official launch event last week, Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S5 in India would be priced at INR 51,500. The price is certainly high, but…


Exynos-based version of Galaxy S5 gets benchmarked

While all rumors indicated that Samsung would be launching two variants of the Galaxy S5, the South Korean manufacturer unveiled only the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 based version of the device. However, a day after the Galaxy S5 announcement,…


Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature 16MP Camera Sensor, Side Touch, New Camera Modes and Effects

On Monday, we confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will feature a fingerprint sensor and also explained how it's being implemented by Samsung. Last week we received a plethora of trusted information regarding Samsung's upcoming flagship device, the…


Explained: Samsung’s implementation of the fingerprint sensor on the upcoming Galaxy S5

Yes, you heard it right folks! Today, we are finally confirming that Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S5, will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor, and not only that but we will also be explaining exactly how Samsung imple…




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