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Exclusive second preview: Android 5.0 on Galaxy S4 brings updated widgets and more

It goes without saying that many Android users who own Samsung devices are anxiously waiting for the company to start releasing the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Unfortunately, Samsung has not confirmed the roadmap up till now so there are n…


Samsung addresses Galaxy Note Edge curved display durability

Back in September, Samsung showed off the Galaxy Note Edge. This smartphone stands out from the pack because of its curved display. Many were curious about what Samsung had done with this smartphone and the biggest question they asked was w…

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Dual SIM Galaxy A5 spotted on Samsung’s China website

Smartphones with dual SIM compatibility tend to perform well in emerging markets which is why it is not going to surprise anyone that a dual SIM variant of Samsung Galaxy A5 was spotted on the company's China website. Not much is different…


Samsung talks about corporate diversity in a rap video

Yes, you read that right. Samsung doesn't want to talk about corporate diversity like everyone else, through an elaborate presentation or a set of documents that show what the status of diversity and accessibility programs is within its wo…


Exclusive: More details about the Samsung Galaxy S6, aka Project Zero

Samsung's revenue and profits have been steadily declining in recent months, and it has given the company inspiration to reshuffle its priorities and put a higher focus on adopting new trends (like the trend of using metal on a device to…


First Galaxy Lifestyle Store opened in China

Samsung is pushing into the retail space with a completely new vision. It has opened up the first Galaxy Lifestyle Store, an exclusive brick and mortar store, in Beijing. The company says it aims to provide a "uniquely valuable experience"…


Samsung seeks court declaration for its right to terminate patent-licensing agreement with Microsoft

Microsoft had announced through a blog post back in August that it was filing a legal complaint against Samsung because the Korean giant had allegedly violated a patent-licensing agreement between the two companies that was signed back in 2…


Samsung sees 74 percent drop in mobile business profits

Samsung had warned that its third quarter results wouldn't bring good news for those keeping an eye on its mobile business and that's exactly what has happened. The company has posted a 74 percent year-over-year drop in profits for its mobi…




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