Samsung Apps


Samsung pushing out update to rename Samsung Apps to Galaxy Apps on devices

Samsung recently announced its plans to rename the Samsung Apps store to Galaxy Apps, and after the renaming went into effect on the web on July 1, Samsung has now started pushing out an update to change the name to Galaxy Apps on phones an…


Samsung Apps to become Samsung Galaxy Apps from July 1

Samsung has announced that starting July 1, Samsung Apps will be renamed to Samsung Galaxy Apps. The move comes right on the heels of the launch of Samsung's first Tizen phone, and is a clear sign that the company is looking at differentiat…


Samsung adds PayPal payments to Samsung Apps and Hub

Samsung has added PayPal as a new payment option to its Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub services. In addition to credit cards and gift cards/vouchers, users will be able to use their PayPal account to buy apps, games, e-books, movies etc. Furt…


BlackBerry Messenger for Android coming to Samsung Apps store in Africa

Samsung and BlackBerry joining hands isn't something we would expect normally (especially since the former is trying take over the latter's enterprise market), but that's exactly what the two companies have done: Samsung will offer BlackBer…


Samsung opens Samsung Content

Samsung opens Samsung Content a website that collect your Samsung applications from your TV, tablet and smartphone in one website. You can use the content page of Samsung by using your own Samsung account. According to Korean news site ET…



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